IPv6 Ready Logo Program Phase-2


last updated March 24 2017


Test Specification Current Version

Test Suite

The Test Suite correspondent to above specification is available.
If you want to try it, prepare a FreeBSD(8.X) install PC and install platform and Test scripts listed below.

Only (B)asic test items will be tested. Please select (A)dvanced test items in config.txt if they are to be tested.

Make directories like this.

ct-snmpv2c-ag-x-x-x /

RUN command like following.
> tar zcvf $Your_Device_ver.tar.gz $Your_Device_ver

Major Milestones

If you have any comments, please send to ipv6ready-info at ipv6ready.org (English Only)

Please visit IPv6 Ready Logo Program Web Page

CHT-TL IPv6 Testing Lab working for IPv6 Ready Logo Committee