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Test Services->IPv6 Ready Logo Program Overview

What IPv6 Ready Logo Program is ,Goals and Phases(Phase-1, Phase-2 and Phase-3)

The IPv6 Ready Logo program is an international testing program intended to increase user confidence by demonstrating that IPv6 is currently available for today's deployment and use.

The key objectives and benefit of the IPv6 Ready Logo program is to;
  • Verify protocol implementation and validate interoperability of IPv6 products.
  • Provide access to free self-testing tools.
  • Provide IPv6 Ready Logo testing laboratories across the globe dedicated to provide IPv6 testing services and technical assistance.

Details at


IPv6 Ready Logo has 3 phases
  • Phase -1 Silver Logo(Started since 2003/09/01)
  • Phase-2 Gold Logo(Started since 2005/02/15)
  • Phase-3(Enhanced IP Sec, under discussion)

What is Phase-1?

The Phase-1(Silver) Logo focuses on "core IPv6 protocols" for verifying minimum IPv6 support,including neighbor discover, address auto-configration and ICMPv6.The test coverage is approximately 170 tests. For more details Phase-1 Test Specification

What is Phase-2?

The Phase-2(Gold) Logo expands the "core IPv6 protocols" test coverage to approximately 450 tests and adds new extended test categories. The Phase-2 Logo has been available since February 15, 2005. Formore test specification details, please visit Phase 2 Test Spefication

Phase-3(IPSec Mandatory)

Phase-3 is enhanced Phase-2 with IPsec. It is under discussion.

  • Phase-2 Core + IPsec

IPv6 Ready Logo Program Committee
For a quick overview of IPv6 Ready Logo application

  • If you are interested to learn more about IPv6 Ready Logo application procedure, please contact us
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