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IPv6 Ready Logo Q&A

(Focusing on the updates after 2008/05/30 P2 major revision)

Q:What is the latest IPv6 Ready Logo updates?

A:Starting from 2008/05/01, Phase-2 Ready Logo applications have increasing very rapidly.
  • Phase-2 Ready Logo worldwide for 2008 is 86(current total is 222)while Phase-1 is only 38(364 is the current total)
  • Most of the increasing applicants are from USA, Japan and China. For USA and Japan these applicatns are from industry and for China they are mostly acedmia。
CHTTL IPv6 Testing Lab is continuing working to promote Phase-2 for maintaing Taiwan's leadership in this Phase-2 category.We are now providing DHCPv6 Logo testing services to our Taiwan clients.

Q:What are the RFC differences for P1/P2 Core (4.0.0 vs 3.8.11)?


P1/P2 Core Conformance Test specs Version 4.0.0(starting from 2008/5/30) supports the following RFCs. Version 3.8.11 will be still valid until 2008/11/30

  • RFC 2460 IPv6 Specification [Router, Host]
  • RFC 4861 Neighbor Discovery [Router, Host] (obsoletes RFC 2461)
  • RFC 4862 IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration [Router, Host] ] (obsoletes RFC 2462)
  • RFC 4443 ICMPv6 for IPv6 Specification [Router, Host] ] (obsoletes RFC 2463)
  • RFC 5095 Deprecation of Type 0 Routing Headers in IPv6 (New Support)
  • RFC 4291 IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture (New Support)
P1/P2 Core interoperability test specs is Version 4.0.0(starting from 2008/5/30). Version 2.8.4 will be still valid for application until 2008/11/30

Q:Can you deliberate on these differences for P1/P2 Core 4.0.0 vs 3.8.11?


P1/P2 Core CTS has 10 revisions:

  • Supporting the IPv6 Error message (2) Beyond Scope of Source Address is marked Advanced Functionality. (Optional) - RFC 4443 Section 3.1
    Test Specification: v6LC.5.1.3.E
    Test Tool: TAHI Project
    icmp.p2 #10 (icmp.p2/Dst_Unreach_2.seq)
  • Supporting is marked Advanced Functionality. (Optional)
    Test Specification: v6LC.1.2.10.B, v6LC.1.2.11.B Test Tool: TAHI Project
    spec.p2 #40 (spec.p2/R_UnrecognizedRoutingTypeEN_RH0.seq)
    spec.p2 #42 (spec.p2/R_UnrecognizedRoutingTypeIN_RH0.seq)
  • Supporting the Disable of IP Operation once a DAD Failure has occurred. This is marked as Basic Functionality. (Required) - RFC 4862 Section 5.4.5
    Test Specification: v6LC.3.1.2.B, v6LC.3.1.2.D, v6LC.3.1.3.I, v6LC.3.1.3.J, v6LC.3.1.4.H, v6LC.3.1.4.I
    Test Tool:TAHI Project
    addr.p2 #03 (addr.p2/LLA_DAD_NSPostDAD_SameDstSameTgt.seq)
    addr.p2 #05 (addr.p2/LLA_DAD_NAPostDAD_SameTgt.seq)
    addr.p2 #14 (addr.p2/LLA_DAD_NSPostDAD_Reserved.seq)
    addr.p2 #15 (addr.p2/LLA_DAD_NSPostDAD_wTLL.seq)
    addr.p2 #23 (addr.p2/LLA_DAD_NAPostDAD_Reserved.seq)
    addr.p2 #24 (addr.p2/LLA_DAD_NAPostDAD_wSLL.seq)
  • Supporting that a host properly rejects an invalid prefix length, however the prefix length is still valid for on-link determination when the on-link flag is true. (Required) - RFC 4862 Section 6.3.4
    Test Specification: v6LC.2.2.19
    Test Tool: TAHI Project
    nd.p2 #166 (nd.p2/v6LC_2_2_19.seq)

Q:How P1/P2 Core interop tests are changed( 4.0.0 vs 3.8.11)?

A:The new version removes the 1.7 Routing Header Type 0 test item.

Q:Can users start using P1/P2 Core version 4.0.0 now?

A:Of course. If you are not comfortable using version 4.0.0 directly. You can test run Self-Test 1.4.15 and Self-Test 4.0.1 to decide if this is the right decision to move forward。

Q:Wil Phase-1 Silver continue to exist?

A:IPv6 Ready Logo program is scheduled to phase out Phase-1 in November 2008年. But this is still under discussion.

So far Phase-2 is definitely gaining momentum. We will continue to provide Phase-1 testing services. It is really the vendor's decision to stay with Phase-1 or not.

Q:Where can we download the latest IPv6 Ready Logo test documents?

A:Please visit the follwoing URL for IPv6 Ready Logo test updates.

Q:Do you provide any IPv6 Ready Logo test training?

A:You can register for TWNIC(Taiwan Network Information Center)'s Free IPv6 Training Courses(Chinese only) to learn more about IPv6 Ready Logo testing.

Q:Can Taiwan users find the IPv6 Ready Testing Lab here in Taiwan?

A:Yes. Chunghwa Telecom Labs IPv6 Testing Lab is IPv6 Ready Logo approved test lab in Taiwan.
  • Services include
    • Test equipment and know-hows
    • techical consultation
  • Contact person
    • CHT-TL/ Miss Lin (03)4245771 or email tlz70105 at

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